On top of the products listed on our website, we also offer procurement services to our clients — just let us know what you need to get started! We have extensive contacts across a wide range of industries, so we can procure and supply you with anything and everything that you require. Through our wide sourcing network, we are confident in providing value for your purchase.

Don’t have a procurement list yet? That is of no issue to us too. Consult with us to round out the items in your list, or get started with one of our standard procurement lists for your industry.

Below are some of the industries that we have served.

Marine Services


In the marine industry, procurement costs can involve very large sums, since operations in this industry tend to be larger in scale. This, however, also means that you can count on us to leverage on economies of scale to help you cut costs.

Common procurement items: Provisions, Nautical Equipment, Pneumatic, Electrical Tools & Hand Tools, Stationery and Hardware, Rope and Hawsers, Bearings and Electrical Equipment, Cables.

Marine Services


Due to the many factors that can affect the construction process, such as topography, weather, available technologies and finance, the choice of the procurement process is essential to the success of any construction project. One thing that will not be a factor in your construction project, is the availability of materials, because you can count on us to procure the materials you need.

Common procurement items: Cables, Electrical Items & Accessories, Safety Gear, Cutting & Measuring Tools, Screws & Nuts.

Healthcare Services


It can be difficult to always have a handle over spending when it comes to healthcare procurement, because there are so many variables that can determine price and cost efficiency. However, rest assured that with us, every cent you spend on procurement will be the most value-for-money.

Common procurement items: Stationery and Hardware, Cloth & Linen, General Homeware, Furniture & Fittings.

Manufacturing Services


Having trouble getting your hands on certain inventory items required for your product manufacturing? Looking to procure a new machine to streamline your work process? Let us do the work for you, and help you assess the best way forward for your procurement strategy.

Common procurement items: Control Panels, Switch Boards, Cables, Electrical Items & Accessories, Safety Gear, Test Kits.

Events Services


In addition to helping you source for supplies, we can also help you talk to the relevant people and procure venues and talents for your events. Let us handle the logistical details, so that you can focus on what’s important for the events.