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Triflex Technics is a procurement company — we pride ourselves on being able to get our hands on anything and everything that our clients require. Being a team of procurement executives, Triflex Technics has extensive contacts across a wide range of industries, allowing us to find you purchases that give you...

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New product – PDLC dimming glass
17 Jan
We have recently launched a new product, the PDLC Dimming Glass. This is a glass panel that is able to... Read More →
Check out the services we offer
15 Jan
We have expanded our scope of business! On top of providing the same set of products that you have come... Read More →
New Product – Water Filter
30 Nov
We have launched a new product! Please check out the newly added water filter under our product range! Read More →
Missing product images and files
26 Dec
We've run into some technical issues with the website over the past few weeks, and most of our product images... Read More →
Our site has been launched!
6 Jun
After many weeks of design and development, our Triflex Technics website has been launched. We are looking to provide high-quality... Read More →
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